Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Main Menu, site moved

The site moved! This page is now TsundereYuri.blogspot.
TsundereYuriko.blogspot is now a new main menu/news blog, created for easier access, and to give me a main site for people to link to.
Check it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hiring Editors... Inquire within.

Hey Everyone,


Bet you're wondering why you've seen less releases lately, and why the newest one is coming out so slowly.
On a good day, I get over 5 pages done in no time. But I've been so down recently.
It's because I haven't heard from Beotkkot in over a month.

I don't know what her story is. Perhaps she is busy, or sick, or something else.
Regardless, she is missing in action, and TsundereTranslations needs an editor or two.

It gives me great pain to say this, but I am now hiring editors. Editors to add to the staff, not replace Beotkkot. She will always have a place here and can return whenever she wishes.

Being an editor at Tsundere Translations, you can work at your own pace and edit any way you want. I will translate as much as I can and keep sending you scripts, and you are to do them at your own speed. I will try to make it so you will always have a script to work on. Keep in mind we only translate yuri and yuri-like works.
But you must meet these qualifications:
1 Deadline dates are never made, but you should be able to work if you say you can. Don't take a job and never do it.
2 You should be able to clean raw scans, enter text, do sound effects, and be able to precisely crop, rotate, and level. Being able to level is important.
3 You should have some experience. If you show talent but have no experience, I will test your ability to edit a doujin before letting you do manga.
4 You must have a good image editing program, Photoshop is one example. You must be proficient and able to use it well.
5 Basic Japanese knowledge is preferred, but not required.
6 You must have a good concept of the English language. That includes being able write coherently with good grammar and spelling.
7 You must have a positive attitude and have fun.
You CAN:
Work for other translators and freelance at the same time
Take vacations and leave other editors to take over, just let everyone know
Suggest mangas/doujins you wish to work on
Take credit for anyone else's work, only what you do.
Go against the script, unless I'm allowing it. (Like if I describe a sound effect and leave the exact word up to you.)
Disrespect any other staff or readers.
For my email, just scroll up and look left. Send me links to any doujins/mangas you have edited with a brief description of your skills and experience as a resume.

Please let it be known that I am very hesitant to have a new editor work on Itoshi wo Tome right away. It is Beotkkot's work, and she is already done cleaning the first chapter. I'll probably have you do another work first, then move to Itoshi wo Tome last if Beotkkot still hasn't written me back.

I will be hiring one new editor for now. I will think about a second.

I hope there are some quality editors out there. I look forward to working with you.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Temporary release method and new manga

Hello everyone!

Please direct your attention to here and check out the new manga!

I haven't heard from my editor in a while. I am quite sad about it, but the releases must go on.
I have not the ability to edit this manga myself. Alternately, you will instead be receiving a page by page script update of our newest work.

The new work is called Itoshi wo Tome. Wings of Yuri made this work possible for us, and we are very grateful to them for it! Shijima provided us the scans.

As of this moment, I do not know when (I dare not say if) Beotkkot will be back in action to deliver us the high quality edits we all know and love. Until that time, please check back on the translation progress blog. I aim to update it daily, if not at least 5 days a week.

Please enjoy!

Please, I know I basically have a script up, but I'm not accepting any editor applications at the time. I appreciate the offer, but Beotkkot and Beotkkot alone will be the editor of this manga. Just hang tight and wait for this great upcoming release!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Release 4! What? Another doujin release?

Yup. That's right, after 4-5 months we are up to our 4th translation! Click for link to post. I should probably stick this on on 4chan too after we release version 2.

You know, I originally said I wanted to do a translation about every other month, but, who is complaining, right?

I've also recently got a new slew of doujins to sort through and tag. I found a torrent on Dead Frog that is almost 1 gig full of yuri doujins. I took a look at the list and noticed a few I already had. Let's hope for some new material.

Glad to see the chatbox is a hit. I feared it would be horrifically and cruelly spammed. Sadly, there's no way to moderate it's messages (that I know of) so if it is spammed and abused I will be forced to take it down...

Even with some new stuff now, progress is slow. I'm working hard attending extra school to get my dream job, and that doesn't leave any free time. Expect a ton of good stuff (including the next translation release!) around mid-July! The next translation is a loli shoujo ai doujin of sorts. It's from Lucky Star. I'm sure no one is complaining. The main story is translated, I just need to do the written story and omake at the end. By the way, speaking of Lucky Star, don't expect to see any 4koma (4 panel) work from us... they give my editor nightmares. That's why we left the omake alone in our Persona 3 release. But if you are a translator, you may feel free to cover whatever we miss and be credited for it!

TsundereYuriko, signing off! And doing tons of homework...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Speech Day 2009

Ok, so my editor has gone missing in action, and I have been incredibly lazy and busy with summer classes. Translations have to wait for my editor and I to get back in touch and get back on our feet. A couple new doujins up soon. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. This being a blog, I feel that if I have something important to say about anything remotely related, then I shall post. Today's topic is my views on Free Speech.

As you read you will see that I am not a very good writer. I never have been. My talents lie elsewhere, but I try. Even if I can't artistically express myself, I can still get a point across. Nevertheless, here I go.

So, June 4 is officially (as official as it gets on the internet) Free Speech Day, and someone has made a website here. The website and day is in response to China’s decision to further censor the Internet. So I think to myself… just how much do I support Free Speech? And how far should Free Speech go?

Firstly, let me state that all I say furthermore is my own personal opinion. I believe that it should be allowed to be heard, and I have every right to write it. I mean no one any harm with my words, and wish to offend no one. Though I must be careful as I write as I may offend someone… don’t take it to heart, ok?

I personally am still conflicted about my true belief on free speech (as well as my true belief on many other things, but those are stories for other days) as well what I believe it should be like. But I have two things I have come up with. What I say here are the top ideas in my head right now. They are by no means final statements.

-First: I believe that anyone should have the right to say anything, and be allowed to be heard, but should have a truthful viewpoint. That also means that anyone who wants to listen should be able to listen, and they are entitled to the truth.

Take this example. War propaganda. No matter what war it is, they make it seem like we are winning, like everything is going smoothly, and they “forget” to be concise about real losses. As of this moment, from what you read from the papers, doesn’t it seem like the war in Iraq is going well? It isn’t. I talked to a soldier on leave recently, and had interesting things to say. We are not winning. It’s nowhere near over. And he needs to go back for more hell. The media lies to us, but only because it has to. But that doesn’t make it right.

-Second: I believe that anyone should be able to say whatever they want… but RESPONSIBLY. People these days just say “oh it’s in the constitution, it says I can say whatever I want.” Yes, you should be able to say whatever you want. But like any other action, you need to think of the repercussions. Yes, you are free to drop your piano off your roof in a fit of rage… but you need to make sure it’s not going to fall on anyone, right? Same goes for free speech. Don’t just demand to say anything because you are entitled to it. Think of others first. Yes, you should be free to say what you want. But if you hurt someone, then it’s only right that you face consequences. (And understand that you would have to clean up that piano after, too.)

Finally, I have issues with the definition of “constitutional”. America’s wig wearing forefathers entitled us many rights, but the question is did they foresee changes in the future and compatibility issues? This day and age is not the same as 1776. Can you imagine if every single person was allowed to carry a firearm these days? The right to bear arms has certainly been altered. They didn’t see the possible future problems of the right to free speech either. Their concern was with newspaper and books, little did they know about phones and internet! Bottom line of this paragraph: just because it’s constitutional then doesn’t mean it’s correct in this day and age. As America changes, so do the laws need to change with it. I believe that Free Speech needs to change from its original writing. Not entirely change per se, and certainly not be removed. I believe I am thinking of the word "adapt".

And that brings me to the website. There are so many more things I want to put here or say. Things like yuri loli or essays bashing yaoi or futanari to death. But I don’t. Why? Because people would be offended by it. Even if I would have no problem doing it, and because it's the internet I can, it doesn't mean I'll do it. People already offended by yuri or hentai just need only pass my website by, but any ‘higher offense’ and they would be angry. I do not believe drawn loli to be the same as pornography, but there are many who do, and I don’t care to argue with that. In case an argument starts, then you’re right, I’m sorry, oh look I don’t even have any perverted loli anyway. Just some nicer stuff like Lucky Star doujins. And if I say things I truly think about yaoi, then I could really hurt the feelings of one who likes it. I know a couple diehard yaoi fans among my friend groups, and don’t want to hurt their feelings either. So rather then bash, I’ll respect. More people win that way.

So, I guess these are my final thoughts. Free with the right to hear. Free with the right to say, but responsibly. And free with respect for others. Use common sense. Think of others more than yourself. I say again, don't bash, just respect. And if you want to speak out against something, always say why. Always give your reasons and, if you can, a better alternative. And always do so in a way that you won't hurt anyone.
And that’s all I have to say. As for other current events... don't even get me started about California's Proposition 8... if you want my short answer on that, then I am extremely angry about it and a constant full supporter of gay marriage. (You couldn't tell? I run a freaking yuri website.)
But that is a rant for another time. Please, feel free to leave any comments if you wish. It is your right to.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yuri Doujin Zipped Collections

Collection Tags Full? Mediafire FolderMediafire DL Link Rapidshare Link
Collection 01 Y Yes.
Folder 01 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 02 YI No. V2 Folder 02 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 03 YM No. V2 Folder 03 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 04 Y Yes. Folder 04 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 05 YD Yes. Folder 05 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 06 YFRB No. V1 Folder 06 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 07 Y34 No. V1 Folder 07 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 08 Y No. V0
Folder 08
Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 09 Various No. V0 Folder 09 Mediafire Rapidshare
Collection 10 Best * Folder 10 * *
Collection 11 YD No. V0 Folder 11 Mediafire Rapidshare


There are 2 ways you can download the yuri doujinshi I host here.
One is to scroll down through each page and download them one by one.
Not your thing? Option 2 is to download the entire zipped collection at once. Keep in mind you may be missing on out my ratings and comments if you do it that way.

Collections that are not full have "placeholder zips" that are not the final zip. Collections that are not full are prone to having stuff added to them any time and the zip will be reuploaded. Notes will be made if this happens. In that case, just click the collection tag to the number you need to see all doujins from that collection to pick up the ones you need.

Placeholder zips will show the current version number in the column that shows if the collection is full or not. Anything with a no is a placeholder. Anything with yes is a final compilation.

The link list on the left are quick tags. Click the the links to easily see the collections. See the sticky post section for a link to my mediafire.
Collection 10 will never "fill up". Some pretty big mangas are stored there, just follow the link to go there and choose what you want. I'm considering having another collection folder just for large collections.

This list will be updated as needed.

Please, please, please report any dead links to TsundereYuriko at gmail dot com. And download from rapidshare if you can. I think I get points or something towards a premium account. That would be nice. But rapidshare stinks when it comes to time between downloads, so choose whichever floats your boat. You can request alternate download hosts, just let me know and I'll add them to the list. I do want to keep the amount of download hosts limited to 2 or 3... what if I have to change a collection? Then I would need to reupload everything!

This entry will be bookmarked and periodically updated! Check out the sticky posts section on the left.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yuri Desktops

Ok, I don't really see the point of putting any image galleries here... because, well, you can get instant gallery buy checking out the various boorus. Just pick one on the drop down list on the left, search for yuri, and done. Or just poke around /u/. However. If I happen to like a certain collection, it may appear here. Also, desktops!

Desktops, backgrounds, wallpapers, etc etc.
Stole these from 4chan /u/ and various places. So, here are some yuri desktop collections for you. Some are really really nice. Others seem to be large screencaps, just wallpaper sized. Some are too small to use but nice anyway. Some are work safe, but others may have partial or more nudity. Just assume nothing is work safe when you download it. Please enjoy.

Collection 1: Mass downloaded and stolen from an old 4chan thread.
Megaupload, Mediafire, Rapidshare.

Collection 2: Found somewhere. Don't remember where.
Megaupload, Mediafire, Rapidshare.

Collection 3: To come.

Image Galleries

Online Picasa Slideshow Gallery. Randomly Updated.
Theme: Yuri, kissing, clothed, some covered partial nudity, hugging, love, high image quality, some loli, non-adult

Gallery 1: To come.

This entry will be bookmarked and periodically updated! Check out the sticky posts section on the left.

Yuri Video Clips

***Megaupload links will be updated as I upload them! Give me about a week or two.***

Got these from a few torrents long ago. Someone was very kind as to cut out and upload yuri scenes from various H-anime. I have uploaded them here for your convenience. They are all adult rated. They do range in quality though, and some are subbed while others are not.

Clips collection 1: Megaupload, Torrent
Clips collection 2: Megaupload, Torrent
Clips collection 3: Megaupload, Torrent
Clips collection 4: Megaupload, Torrent
Clips collection 5: Megaupload, Torrent
Clips collection 6: Megaupload, Torrent
Clips collection 7: Megaupload, Torrent

These are all rarred and password protected to help ensure Megaupload doesn't delete them for content. The password is the website:
Keep in mind that I did not make these clips, I am simply mirroring them.

Please report any broken links, as I don't know how long they stay on megaupload. Much appreciated.

Sadly, most of the clips are not very high quality. There's a few good ones in there, like clips from Shoujo Sect, and precious few of anything good. Well, that is my opinion, but to me, 90% of all the yuri hentai I see is "blarg, I push u down and raep u wit mah dildo". Don't forget the exaggerated cries and gallons of various fluids.
There's no straight as I can tell (but to my knowledge, beware of Body Transfer, a guy in a girl's body doing it with a girl is... NOT YURI) but there may be some Futanari (beware La Bleu Girl, Stainless Night, maybe even a few more). There may be also a little loli or incest mixed in. Some are just a little creepy, but you can see for yourself. I just did NOT feel like watching and tagging it all. Just consider yourself warned.

One final message! Check out's master list of adult yuri anime!

And, just like the desktops and zipped doujin collection posts, this post will be stickied with a link in a box to the left and periodically updated.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

100th post! Tried Advertising on 4chan again... and too

Dear you fortunate yuri loving interwebber,

With every advertisement is a new introduction, as I now expect higher traffic. I would hope... on with the post! (Edit: link is now dead)

Hi! I'm Tsundere Yuriko. I upload tons of yuri and tag it. Here you will find only yuri, and no straight or funtanari or other stuff. Everything is carefully tagged by me so you always know what you are reading.

My database constantly grows. I'm always on the lookout for new additions.

Edited dates and numbers, May 7:
I also translate. As of this very moment of May 7 2009, I have 3 translations complete and 3 pending completion. (Translations are done, but the editor is taking their time.)

Beotkkot, who hopped on board starting with my second translation, is an experienced editor who teamed up with me in name of all things great and yuri to deliver into you great doujin translations for free.

We decided to do a Lucky Star doujin as our 6th release... if I can find one. Accepting requests and submissions: Lucky Star, preferably non adult. So, c'mon, don't be shy, send one in!
Edit: We chose one. It is called Selfish 2. Expect it's release any day now.

Explore the blog, kick back, and dig into some high quality pure yuri. I made a lot of news posts recently, so just scroll down to check out all of my collected releases. Catch you later!

Right. This is my 100th post if anyone cares. (faked cheering)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Me advertising other websites. About new releases. Oh. And 3rd translation.

Last post, I uploaded a nice translation from Yurihime Wildrose. I'm assuming it was a joint project between Lililicious and Dynasty Scans.
(Edit: I was wrong. They each did different stories. Dur, I need to check my facts more often.)

Lililicious has lots of really good translated yuri, both older teen audience and adult. They translate and host Yuri Hime! That is just awesome!

They have too much there... it would take me ages to bring it all over to my blog and host it. And why would I, when it's all right there? They only have the highest quality stuff, it doesn't even need to be tagged.

Check out Lililicious if you have never done so already. I can't stress how awesome they are. Definitely one of the best yuri websites out there.

Oh. And Dynasty Scans is great too. Though I wish they had an organized download section. They also do a variety of genres, not just yuri. I have a few of their releases on my blog already.

I may as well point out now that I've become less keen about ripping other's releases and sticking them here. I'll keep what I have here now as a "preview" to other groups' work. I'm sure they would appreciate it if guests downloaded their work from their websites. So no, I will not grab every new yuri release that comes out and host it here. I WILL link to these websites, and if you follow my blog, follow the ones I follow as well. Places like Wings of Yuri, Dynasty, and Lililicious are always coming out with new stuff... check them out too.

I WILL continue add new stuff I find that doesn't seem to be from any major group or from anonymous translators. Sound good? I also want to say... if you're an anonymous translator who needs a place to put their work... why put it on 4chan /u/ to be forgotten 11 pages later? I'll host it here! =D

Well, anyway, 3rd translation is done. It's a Sailor Moon Shoujo-Ai with Michiru and Haruka. Please enjoy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Arcadia - Flowers of Paradise

Yurihime Wildrose: Arcadia- Flowers of Paradise

Translator Info:
Dynasty Scans (see credits page)

Series: Yurihime Wildrose
Tags: Yuri, collection10

Yuriko's rating:

Download on my Mediafire.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another translation? And search tips.

Hey everyone,

We have another translation coming for you! It was a request from our friendly editor, and it will be a bit different. Not that it matters too much, I want to translate a variety of doujins to appeal to as many people as possible. The two after will be quite different indeed!
Also... inbox still empty! Someone said they needed search tips. So, here are a bunch of websites you can try out. If you feel brave enough, like I was!
If I may stress this again, I am ALWAYS open to new yuri! If you find it and I don't got it you better send it! Just read the submission rules before you send me anything.
I'm currently open to English Yuri submissions. I'll upload all my Japanese ones in a few days. For now, focus on finding English translated ones, ok?
And remember to look for some shoujo-ai too... not just yuri! My shoujo-ai blog is... really lacking right now.

Let's get started on our grand yuri search! This list is periodically being updated as I wander around the internet and walk into things.
Advisory warning: some of these websites contain straight hentai, yaoi, futanari, and/or a mix of other things. Be careful, tread lightly, and carry a big stick to bat the trolls away.

-First up, 4-chan /u/. I wouldn't recommend diving too deep into the other 4-chan channels. It is scary. VERY scary. I went to /b/, the random channel, once. ONCE. Never again.
Every now and then someone will post a doujin in /u/. Stuff gets added fast and deleted fast on the Chans, so it has to be checked often.
There are other chans you can search as well. I think there are at least a dozen other yuri chans out there. Take a look.
-Second, the boorus. I found a good amount of yuri on Guybooru. Can be intimidating, and their search doesn't always work properly. I had to wade through a lot of crap because I couldn't filter out the futanari.
Just for the record, I THINK I've scooped up all the yuri doujins from Guybooru. I just checked in again today.
-I link to a couple Yuri blogs, such as Wings of Yuri, Shurei's, (who does the same thing I do and uploads yuri for all to see) Dynasty Scans, Lililicious, and Ichigo Aji Yuri Tendou. Those are all worth a look.
-If you can navigate it better than I can, check out Sankaku Complex. They do a lot of news posts and galleries too. Interesting place. But they are very varied in what they do.
-Some of my oldest things I found at the Shoujo Ai Forum. Really nice place. Looking there is worth it, as you will find nothing but yuri there. (unless you cross into their all hentai board) I haven't been there in a while.

From these posts on, these are the most dangerous ones. Dangerous because they have everything... including things you may not want to see if you're a true yuri enthusiast. Click with caution, and dig up the yuri!
-Here is something I have been poking through recently, It's a huge collection of sailor moon doujinshi. Now... for a series like Sailor Moon... you would think it would have a lot of yuri, right? Oh, you would think that. I've run into some pretty nasty stuff on my search there...
-One of the first places I ever found, and the worst. Warning, it is definitely a true hentai site, with obnoxious ads and gifs everywhere, plus it contains many genres with no classification. I remember wading through there, desperately trying to find yuri... and failing. It had a few... who knows how much it has now. Also, you can try searching through it's directory,
-Total H Yuri. Be careful here... they sneak in futanari and straight. But poke around enough and maybe you'll find something good.
-Next, Hentaitraders. That is, if they are even still functional. I spent a day a while ago wading through search results of their terrible search engine and found a good deal of yuri... the thing is there's a lot more there. THAT IS, if the website is even still working at all!!! Which it doesn't seem to be now...
-Luscious. Another dangerous hentai doujin site, they have everything. But do they have yuri?
-My Incest Hentai. If you're interested in incest, it may be worth a look. But be careful... not all incest is yuri. Maybe not even half of it is...
-Janderpeich. I wonder if it has any yuri... looks intimidating.
-HentaiPalm. Ok, I just know this one has some yuri. I recognize some of my releases on it. Well... have fun searching. If you can figure out how to download anything from it.
-Aeris Dies. I cried when Aeris died. I also cried when I saw all the horrible varied things in this image and doujinshi site. Tread with caution.
-Doujin Moe. Filled with untagged various material... tread lightly.

Do you have a website with potential yuri to search? Please share it! Email or comments would be fine. I will add them to this list.

Face it people! There are not that many all yuri websites out there. A good yuri website is hard to find, and everything here is... basically all that is there! So let's turn my blog into one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST yuri recourse anywhere!
And not just the biggest recourse, but also the most organized one! Just look at those websites... over half of them don't tag anything. Reading something with a promising cover only to find out it's a genre you hate... it's the worst feeling in the world! It is my mission to bring you top quality yuri with descriptive tags so you will always know what you are getting into.

With your help this can happen. Find the yuri! And bring it here! And then I'll tag it! Let's make Yuriko-chan's Yuri Paradise THE BEST yuri manga and doujinshi website EVER! Maybe I'll never be the number 1 translator, but we can still be the number 1 recourse!

-TsundereYuriko, signing off!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Release number 2 is done!

Hey! You! Get yourself over to my Translation Blog and check out the newest release!
And translation number 3 is already in progress.

A professional editor has offered to help, so expect a higher quality release than release 1 was!


No one is sending me any Yuri or other submissions. C'mon people, SOMEONE has to have something I don't. I only have 80 translated releases right now, there HAS to be more. Currently open to translated submissions... anyone? C'mon, submit now and I'll send you a free Taco Bell combo meal!

(please allow combo meal 4-6 weeks delivery)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Translation 2 coming!

First up: Translations.
Yup, I have been working on my second translation! All translation has been done by me, so all that is left is editing. I accepted the help from someone experienced to do all the editing for me, which is great! We can all thank Beotkkot, who does some freelance translations around 4chan. As soon as that is done, turn to the translation blog to see our completed work!

Second: Other blogs.
I'm really glad I allowed the 'Followers' function, and happy to see some followers already. It allows me to check out the tastes of people who like my website, and I've got to see other Yuri blogs I haven't seen yet. One I found in particular I enjoyed reading was a reviews and rants blog called Strawberry Lilies.
Anyway. Watch this. As the original poster said, if you do not lol, you are not a true Yuri fan. I watched it and loved it. Wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't seen it.

(Hm... this is embarrassing. Honest to heck, I had no idea the word taco could be used like that. Makes me feel all embarrassed that I chose to use tacos as ratings for my uploaded doujins... I just REALLY like tacos, burritos, and other Spanish food, darn it! Then again... do I dare say it's thematically appropriate?)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yay! I'm popular now. Maybe.

First of all. My first comments! I would like to take this moment to thank EVERYONE who has left me comments. It makes me really happy. Positive commenters have given me the strength to continue, and the trolls gave me a good laugh. I've viewed Yuri boards and many other boards before, so I know, and I wasn't surprised. Thanks to everyone saying don't take the trolls seriously, as I don't.

So. News post.
Ok, so apparently more people found my thread on 4chan. I had assumed it was pushed back and lost past the 11th page for deletion, but as of this moment its still hanging in there, with both the expected positive and negative comments alike. I think the thread is still alive at this link. (Hm... never mind. It's dead now.)

Looks like some people don't like the name I chose. Well, too bad, cause I'm not changing it.

It also appears I have been trolled for the first time. My response? I can only laugh. I expected that to happen. One of the biggest nitpicks I can't help but laugh about is that I capitalize Yuri. So? Yuri! Yuri Yuri Yuri Yuri Yuri Yuri! Hmm... maybe I'll spell it yur-Oh no wait I lied, Yuri. Hehehe.

On the good side, I recieved an offer for someone to typeset for me... which is great. I found it difficult to edit release 1, so maybe I'll take that person up on the offer. This means higher quality releases from an experienced editor!

Translation will always be done by me, but I suppose if someone is willing, I can accept the help! I suppose I would ask for these kinds of positions...

Translator (me)
Japanese native speaker translation checker
Cleaner/Editor (taken?)
Typesetter (taken?)
Quality Checker
Website editor.

So... I'm still thinking. But right now I should get some schoolwork done.
Yeah... a website editor. Someone who can spruce up my blog. All I know is basic HTML from that computer class I had to take. Some people say my blog is hard to view and read.
But never fear, more releases to follow. In a few days I start uploading all my Japanese Yuri doujins... then work on the next release... maybe even get some video clips uploaded somewhere.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

80 releases! Holy cow. Also, submission rules.

80 releases. Wow. I deem my blog open. Time to advertise it!
Today, I tried putting up my first translation on 4chan.
Didn't go so well. Was it a bad plan?
My translation went ignored save for two comments, and was pushed back into the end pages within hours.
First comment said do not associate self with /u/ or 4chan as a whole, and to get out while I could. I really don't know what to make of that.
Second said to use autoleveling during translation and editing. Whatever... that... is? And also to use a different layout, as this is hard to read. Is it really?

Comments, anyone? What should I make my blog look like... and how should I do that?

Ok! So. Submissions. (last edited June 8 2009)
Well, we have reached the fullest extent of my English collection. With that, submissions for ENGLISH doujins will open, and I will start uploading my Japanese doujins soon. Like, in a few days. I need a break.
Here are the rules! Help me fill up my website! Submit stuff to TsundereYuriko at with either Art Submission or Doujin Submission in the subject line. Give me a link, or zip the folder. Doesn't matter to me.

Remember, we are trying to make one of the BIGGEST and BEST Yuri databases on the planet! Contribute!

1: Doujin Submissions.
1: I am open to Translated and Japanese Yuri, Translated and Japanese Shoujo Ai, and Translated and Japanese Shoujo Ai Loli. (READ: Little to no Yuri Loli... for now at least)
2: If I know something is licensed in the US, I may refuse it.
3: Look carefully through my website before you submit something to avoid duplication. There is a search bar. Use it.
5: Upon post, you will be credited in a name you choose. You may leave an email or website if you like.
6: I refrain from uploading anything done by a group already in my links section. People can just go there and get it and see what else the group has done. Any translation I already have will stay as an advertisement.
Examples: Wings of Yuri, Dynasty, Lililiscious, etc.
7: If you are an anonymous translator or a translator with no website, this is a great place to submit! If you want to be a regular contributor, I can create a tag that would let people search all your translated submissions here!

I of course, continue to scavange the internet myself for yuri in my spare time. But all help from you is appreciated!

2. Art Submissions. I will be starting a fanart blog for others to show their love for Yuri.
1: I mean art YOU DRAW YOURSELF, not stuff you find laying around online.
2: Follow rule 4 above.
3: If you request your image be taken down, then so it shall be. Otherwise, I am in control of displaying your image on the art blog, but promise to not display it anywhere else or edit it in any way.
4: Fan art of already existing characters are fine. But don't be scared about being original!
5: Always mark your submission as safe viewing or adult.

By the way, I will be accepting fanart of my own original characters... but at this time I have not developed them yet... I will be asking later for submissions of art of my characters to be used for my translation releases. (Sadly I am not good at drawing... that's why I'll need help from someone to help develop my original characters after I provide some roughs)

Bottom line! Enjoy the website!
I do this because I want to! I'll never ask for money. All I ask is for your help! Translation tips, improvement comments, spreading the word, submissions, they are all greatly appreciated!

Tsundere Yuriko signing off!


Shoujo Sect V1 and V2

Shoujo Sect

Translator Info:
Otenba (volume 1)
Dynasty Scans (volume 2)

Author: Kurogane Kenn
Tags: Yuri, Collection10, Female Domination, Tools

Yuriko's rating:

Download Volume 1 by Otenba (Mediafire)
Download Volume 2 by Dynasty (Mediafire)

Other notes: Has been made into an OVA, 3 episodes long. Check out the Otenba and Dynasty Scans websites for more info!

Shoujo Sect volume 1 was the first Yuri book I ever purchased. Even before I heard all the hype about it. I found it at Melon Books in Akihabara, Japan. I loved it, and had to scoop up volume 2 as soon as it came out! I am so happy to see translations for it online... though I was VERY close to scanlating it myself!

Gokujou Drops volume 1

Gokujou Drops v.1

Translator Info:
Shijima (, aka Wings of Yuri)

Tags: Yuri, Collection10
Series: Gokujou Drops

Yuriko's rating:

Download on my Mediafire.

Hanjuku Joshi volume 1

New Collection! Collection 10: The Best of the Best. A collection for what I deem really really good, or the best popular items, or having a really great story.

Hanjuku Joshi 1

Translator Info:
Shijima (, aka Wings of Yuri)

Tags: Yuri, Collection 10
Series: Hanjuku Joshi

Yuriko's rating:

Download on my Mediafire.

Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 4

New Collection! Collection 11: D-Folder 2, a continuation of collection5 (D)

Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 4

Translator Info:
Translator: CG
Editor: Jerky SP
(No other information given)

Tags: Yuri, Collection11, Dildo, Guy, Tools
Series: Mahou Sensei Negima

Download on my Mediafire.